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Thursday, 8 October 2015

Reddit question about: Ripening Green Tomatoes In Doors. Part 3


I've been asked the following question on reddit about:

 Ripening Green Tomatoes In Doors. Part 3

 Ripening Tomatoes Indoors One Of My Many fixed1t Money Saving Gardening Tips

 and as the answer is applicable across social media I've duplicated it here:

Would any closed/semi closed container work or does cardboard box have some magic in it?

And this is my answer:

Hi thanks for the question.  Plastic boxes tend to sweat inside and it all goes mouldy, thin paper boxes go soggy if any over ripen, so this sturdy thick box seems to work best.  This is its second or possibly its third year.  I hope this helps.



Wednesday, 7 October 2015

Ripening Green Tomatoes In Doors. Part 3

I can't believe how many tomatoes are still growing on the plants I planted, and on the wild ones, but with the help of my tomato tip (link at the end of the video) they are ripening well and are delicious. #fixed1tgardening

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