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Monday, 29 June 2020

Repairing Leaking PP3 Battery Connector Clip Damage

This video is about Repairing Leaking PP3 Battery Connector Clip Damage

When Our Old Wire And Stud Detector Didn't Work I Discovered We'd Left A
PP3 9v Battery In It, Which Had Rotted Away Destroying The PP3 Battery Connector.

As we need to use the device, and being able to put my hands on my PP3 Battery Connectors (yes I do have some LOL) I decided to make do and mend. Here Is How I @fixed1t - For Free!


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Malcolm aka

Sunday, 28 June 2020

Rotten Fence Post How To Fix It Cheaply Yourself

This video is about Rotten Fence Post How To Fix It Cheaply Yourself

How To Repair A Totally Rotten Fence Post Before Your Fence Falls Down! Without A New Post
And Using The Materials At Hand. Before Covid19 Lockdown, when a fence post became rotten and began to wobble and the fence began to lean over, I would call up a fencer and pay through the nose for them to rip off the fence panels, usually damaging them, then dig out the huge concrete base and rotten post, before sinking another post into the hole and filling the hole again with concrete. But in lockdown i didn't want a stranger in the garden, and they also couldn't do the job until after lockdown. So I decided to try a technique I saw old men with little disposable income do when I was a kid, and actually to repair the post using old posts I had kept from previous repairs. Sadly due to increasing poverty due to lockdown unemployment (I wasn't entitled to anything) people are going to have to make do and mend. So I did exactly that and its worked amazingly well as I did before there were fencers by the thousands.


Wednesday, 24 June 2020

Removing Super Glue From Plastic Spectacle Lenses

This video is about Removing Super Glue From Plastic Spectacle Lenses


How To Remove Super Glue From Hard Plastic Spectacle Lenses

If You've Accidentally Spilt Superglue on your plastic lenses all is not lost, I did it so you don't have too, then I removed it.

Note: You Do This At Your Own Risk, Then Chemical Is Volatile So Should Not Be Used In Confined Spaces, Its Also Extremely Flammable So Shouldn't Be Used Be Flame And It Can Melt, Frames, Plastic And Other Objects, And Remove Paint And Coatings And Nail Varnish.

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Malcolm aka  @fixed1t

Friday, 12 June 2020

How To Descale And Shine Chrome Taps Like New

This video is about How To De-scale And Shine Chrome Taps Like New


I Recently Fixed Dripping Dual Mixer Taps By Replacing The Washers In The Hot And Cold Water Ceramic Insert Valves But When I Went To Put Them Back Together I though these need a serious de-scaling.

This Is How I Then De-scaled And Polished Them Till They Looked Like New
Its Quick And Easy To Do And You Can Use The Technique To descale and Remove Other Scale from Chrome and other metals.

Malcolm aka

Monday, 1 June 2020

3D Printed Covid19 Visor Bracket Time Lapse 7 Hours In 45 Seconds

Here is hoping you are all well during the Covid19 lockdown, there is an international shortage of PPE "Personal Protective Equipment" so I've been using my time and money to 3D Print Visors for Emergency Workers. Malcolm aka @fixed1t

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