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Friday, 20 May 2016

My Recue Dog Skippy And The Mysterious Back Pack Raid

This video is about My Recue Dog Skippy And The Mysterious Back Pack Raid

Skippy is a LURCHER a Greyhound/Saluki Cross around 11 months old, he was mistreated and thrown out of a moving vehicle and hit by a car. This resulted in his Left Back Leg being amputated.  We met him on his first ever walk and decided to take him home for a trial.  We love him and he likes sparing and racing with our other 3 year old rescue lurcher Bree.  He is into everything, but as I discovered you can't leave him near even hidden food for a second.

He is sweet and really cheeky as you'll see.

Tuesday, 17 May 2016

Why AA Rechargeable Batteries Don't Work In Some Devices - Part 2

This video is about Why AA Rechargeable Batteries Don't Work In Some Devices - Part 2

In this video measure a number of Alkaline and Rechargeable Batteries to gain a detailed understanding of their size and shape, I then test the largest in an Apple Mouse to act as control.

In Part 3 I will test a number of the different sizes in the Apple Mouse, to test my theory.  #fixed1tRESEARCH #fixed1tMONEYSAVINGtips

Sunday, 15 May 2016

1.2V Rechargeable Batteries Vs 1.5V Alkaline Batteries Which Is Best?

This question has arisen from comments to my recent video below on Why AA Rechargeable Batteries Don't Work In Some Devices:

Sadly its a common misconception, except in those circuits that have been deliberately devised to take advantage of the extra .3 volt. In reality the 1.5V battery doesn't stay 1.5V for very long as it drains the voltage goes down rapidly as does its current. It will reach 1.2 V pretty quick.  

The Rechargeable Batteries on the other hand retain their 1.2 volts under load and will do so until all the current has gone in which case the voltage dives down.  In fact I found a great chart:

In an excellent article by a fellow Radio Amateur Roy Lewallen. the link is at the end of this blog article.

The only time the lack of voltage has a real effect is where the speed of a devices is linked to the voltage in a cheap design, without constant current circuitry in place, and thats usually linked to a specific manufacturers devices. But the Alkaline Battery manufactures are more than happy for you to by their use once batteries, again and again...

But you don't have to believe me read this great article, it describes things better than I can here. I will increase your worldly 'geek' knowledge and save you money down the line.

Please share this Blog entry with your friends and relatives so they too can make the right decision.

“1.5 Volt” vs. “1.2 Volt” Batteries by Roy Lewallen


Why AA Rechargeable Batteries Don't Work In Some Devices - Part 1

In this video series I investigate why some AA Rechargeable Batteries Don't Work In many Devices and Toys.  In this Part 1 video I look at the physical aspects of the batteries and how they make affect performance. In part two I will look more closely at the battery items. #fixed1tMONEYSAVINGtips

Sunday, 1 May 2016

Re-using Damaged Nespresso Espresso Coffee Pod Capsules

This video is about Re-using Damaged Nespresso Espresso Coffee Pod Capsules

I explained in my last video how I fill used Plastic Tea or Coffee Pods with my favourite ground French Style Coffee to make Coffee at 5p a Pod.

A friend was throwing out Infant chewed expensive Nespresso Capsules. But gave them to me to figure out if I could make use of them.  I DID!    Here's How I Do It !

Click here to find Refillable Reusable Coffee Pods on eBay

I now have the KRUPS Nespresso Inissia and love it:

Its cheap small and easy to use, I'd throughly recommend it and my #fixed1tMONEYSAVINGtips make it all the better as can be seen in my fixed1t YouTube playlist


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