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Sunday, 16 October 2016

Save Money On Batteries With This Great Small Battery Tester - fixed1t Recommendation

For years I've been buying

If you've watched the video and like me you want one:

 Small Battery Testers

 Only to feel I've been Ripped-Off When I Discover They Are Utterly Useless and either don't work or give some spurious full or empty readings.

This may sound trivial, but when you put multiple Alkaline or other batteries in a device, they are not all discharged at the same time or to the same amount.

Whilst some batteries in a group can be apparently flat, 2 or 3 other my have 60 or 70% charge remaining.  Therefore is best to have a tester that gives you the voltage, remaining current and perceived load so you can decide which alkaline's to use a bit longer and which you'll throw away.

I've Found One That Works And Recommend It, below is my fixed1t video if you haven't seen it.

If you've watched the video and like me you want one:

Using this will save you time and money, it does for me.


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