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Monday, 3 December 2018

Big Pharma Migraine Over Charging Rip-Off

I was in London yesterday and went in 4 different Chemists / Pharmacies and non of the had the Pink Migraleve (the only Migraleve with any special ingredient in to reduce the nauseating effects of a Migraine Attack). But all of the shops attempted to sell me the box of Yellow Migraleve at nearly £9 per box rather than the identical cheaper Co-Codamol 8/500 alternative which was around £1.50. This is such an organised extortion racket affecting 10s of thousands of suffers. But what I'm really saddened about is there have been only 30 views of my expose video and 1 share. Facebook decides what it feels should be shared based on advertising and other criteria, but they can be over ridden if individuals choose to share a video with their friends and the public. Migraine is brought on a lot by stress and poverty related stress which means those with the least amount of money are being systematically and deliberately ripped off by big Pharma, but nobody I know (thanks to the one share) can be arsed to share a video which would possibly save severely impoverished people a lot of money. Meanwhile millions of people share videos of cats doing silly things. Doesn't anybody care about humans any more? or want to help themselves and others.

Here is my original post:

Pink Migraleve Unavailable DON'T BY YELLOW Here's Why!


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