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Tuesday, 8 January 2019

Links To Purchase Products In fixed1t Videos from eBay

I'm creating this single blogs page with all the items I use or recommend in my videos as subscribers keeping asking where do I get Pre Acetone etc.  This list will grow over time so I recommend you bookmark this page.  Thanks to the support of fixed1t subscribers fixed1t is now an Amazon Influencer so items can be purchased from the fixed1t Amazon Influencer page. Please note each purchase gives a few cents commission to fixed1t and costs the buyer nothing at all.

Please don't forget to Subscribe to my fixed1t youTube and please consider sharing fixed1t or my influencer page with your friends and family.

If you would prefer to purchase the items on eBay just use the links below, and if you can't find something please send me a message and I will try and do what I can to help you. 

Below are links to Parts and Products used in my @fixed1t videos available on eBay

 flexible waterproof usb keyboard

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