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Tuesday, 22 September 2015

Harvesting Comfrey and Nettles For Next Years Free Liquid Plant Feed - Part 2

As you'll have seen from:

Harvesting Comfrey and Nettles For Next Years Free Liquid Plant Feed - Part 1

I decided to grow my own Comfrey and Nettles in the corner of the garden.  Of course nettles are available everywhere but I discovered that finding Comfrey was very difficult and that garden centres which allegedly sold Comfrey seeds no longer do so.  It could be that the quality of the Comfrey tea fertiliser meant that sales of expensive liquid feeds went down ;-) so they decided not to do it.

If you find some comfrey in the wild then if you steal a little of its roots, from a chunk of root you'll get a whole new plant.  I got my chunk of Comfrey Root from a professional gardener on a nursing course I attended, she hacked off the root for me, which was about 4 inches long and about 1 inch thick.

She advised to plant it in a pot but warned it could break out, so as can be seen in the picture below:

I planted it in a huge solid plastic tub from which it hasn't 'Triffid Like' escaped.  She said if it gets free it would take over very rapidly and spread.  I decided to do the same for the stinging nettle, it too is in a pot. Both are doing well and have produced the goods this year.

So if your thinking of following suit and growing your own Comfrey I recommend you do the same, pot it in an indestructible plastic pot, so it can't escape.


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