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Tuesday, 7 June 2016

Saving Over £150 Replacing GoKart Electric Golf Trolley Lithium Battery

My partner Debbie has had her GoKart Golf Trolley for a couple of years and recently the battery charger started refusing to charge the battery.  After various attempts to charge it proved only moderately successful she decided to invest in a new battery.

Visiting the GoKart site, she discovered their 18 hole Lithium Batteries were over £199 UK and I therefore had a hunt around eBay etc.  We found a suitable battery, but the Battery Case is actually an integral part of the GoKart Trolley without the Battery Caddy it flops about.

So I set about working out how to replace the original Lithium Battery in the original Caddy with the purchase OEM battery she obtained from a company on eBay for just over £65, a huge saving by any standards.

This video is about Saving Over £150 Replacing GoKart Electric Golf Trolley Lithium Battery by purchasing and refitting an OEM Lithium Battery and charger.

This shows you the step by step method I used to replace the GoKart Lithium battery with an OEM Lithium Battery purchased off eBay for just over £65.  The manufactures battery is over £199.


If you need to replace the battery I have put a link below to find the one I used.

Click Here To Find A Suitable Replacement GoKart Lithium Battery


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