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Tuesday, 6 December 2016

Replacing The Dual Flush Toilet Flush Valve Seal Washer

You don't need a #plumbing #Degree topic a running dribbling toilet, watching these  #fixed1tMONEYSAVINGtips videos may be the only #insurance you need.

As I showed in a previous video, a dribbling water flow into the toilet is often caused by a leaking scaled Flush Valve Seal Washer.

If this is the case in your Dual Flush Toilet and cleaning the washer doesn't help then rather than buying and entire Dual Flush unit, you can purchase a Flush Valve Seal Washer.

Dual Flush - Flush Valve Seal Washer
They are a fraction of the cost of an entire unit and as can be seen from my video, they are very easy to replace, saving you money on parts and a huge amount on Plumbers Labour costs.

Before purchasing a flush valve Seal Washer, open your toilet and identify the dual flush unit you have, so you can purchase the right washer.


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