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Sunday, 2 April 2017

#KRUPS #Nespresso #Coffee No Output Airlock Fix

#KRUPS #Nespresso #Coffee No Output Airlock Fix

fixed1t Handy Household Tips

KRUPS Nespresso Machine

I was at a friends helping then with some decorating when the Nespresso Coffee Pod Machine stopped working.

Strangley the pump was running loud, but nothing was coming out of the spout.  The problem was caused by her starting the machine without having put the water caddy properly in place on the back, which had created an airlock.

Once you have fixed1t you will need to reprogram the coffee cup sizes, I have have an excellent video showing you how I do it.

#Nespresso #KRUPS #Coffee #Machine 

Programming Cup Sizes

This Is How I fixed1t


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