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Monday, 17 April 2017

Your Gadgets And Toys Are Being Destroyed By Their Batteries

Sadly, I've just found that I have badly damaged a Classic High Value Wowwee Robotics RS Media Robot by accidentally leaving a set of Zinc Carbon Acid Batteries in it.

WARNING Battery Corrosion Damage In Robosapien RS Media Robot

After discovering the damage one set of batteries had done, I set about opening every battery powered devices I could find, below is a picture of the large bag of dead and leaking batteries I have put out for recycling.  As you can see some are cheap carbon acid batteries whilst others or apparently Alkaline batteries.

THINK!  When Was The Last Time You Checked The Batteries In Your Gadgets, Toys or Remote Controls.

If its more than a few weeks, you need to check them again.


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