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Wednesday, 15 April 2020

How To Ration Dog Treats During Covid19 Lockdown And Money Shortages

This video is about How To Ration Dog Treats During Covid19 Lockdown Quarantine And Money Shortages


During Covid19 Lockdown And Quarantine Getting Out For Essentials Is Difficult And Dangerous, and there is no guarantee that local law enforcement or police will consider Dog Treats as an essential item for you to be breaking lockdown or quarantine.

Covid19 lockdown or quarantine is also going to leave us all short of money for some time to come. So I started thinking out of the box of what I could do to still give my beautiful dogs some treats whilst cutting costs. Also, all VETS will tell you too many BIG treats will make our dogs fat. However, we all know that dogs can count, so reducing the number produces a very grumpy hound.

So I've Humanely Worked Out How Dog Treats Can Be Rationed, So My Dogs Don't Go Without In The Number Of Treats They Can Have - Here's How!

Please Subscribe And Share As Every Subscription And Share Gives Me A Few More Cents To Spend On My Lovely Dogs.

Thanks And Stay Safe

Malcolm aka #fixed1t

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