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Thursday, 23 April 2020

My Covid19 PPE Visor 3D Printer Has Self Destructed From Overwork

This video is about My Covid19 PPE Visor 3D Printer Has Self Destructed With Overwork

#fixed1t Covid19 Pandemic

There's Mass A Shortage Of PPE (Personal Protection Equipment) For Doctors, Nurses And First Responders

I've Been Printing PPE 3D Visors For A NHS Workers Out Of My Own Pocket And Resources For Weeks, Been Really Happy To Do It, But My Efforts Have Been Confounded As My Printer Has Now Self Destructed Turning A Visor Into A Melted Dirty Asteroid Golfball Mess. I Don't know What Damage Its Done, Or How Expensive It Will Be To Fix, Its Speed Of Getting It Working Again That Is My Main Concern. Oh To Have the Riches Of Richard Branson, I Would Give A Printer To Every Techie Family And Say Please Print These. In My Dreams.

Malcolm aka #fixed1t

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