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Saturday, 17 November 2018

Dead NiZn Battery Not Charging Fix - Part 1

This video is about Dead NiZn Battery Not Charging Fix - Part 1

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Have You Noticed That Some Fairly New Rechargeable NiZn (Nickel Zinc) Batteries Won't Recharge After Just A Few Uses? Its really infuriating when you've thrown away the receipt or you bought them online and the won't take them back.  But all is not lost thanks to fixed1t.  This video is in two parts. Please watch the entire video and remember

In Part 1 - Of This Video I put This To The Test

In Part 2 - Of This Video I'll Show My fixed1t Solution

WARNING: You Must Not Put NiZn Batteries into a normal charger for more than a few minutes unsupervised  as they will be destroy and may cause a fire.

Charge NiZn Batteries in a dedicated NiZn charger

I do not recommend you do this fix, the video is to show only what I have done, you do this at your own risk.

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Regards Malcolm

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