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Sunday, 15 May 2016

1.2V Rechargeable Batteries Vs 1.5V Alkaline Batteries Which Is Best?

This question has arisen from comments to my recent video below on Why AA Rechargeable Batteries Don't Work In Some Devices:

Sadly its a common misconception, except in those circuits that have been deliberately devised to take advantage of the extra .3 volt. In reality the 1.5V battery doesn't stay 1.5V for very long as it drains the voltage goes down rapidly as does its current. It will reach 1.2 V pretty quick.  

The Rechargeable Batteries on the other hand retain their 1.2 volts under load and will do so until all the current has gone in which case the voltage dives down.  In fact I found a great chart:

In an excellent article by a fellow Radio Amateur Roy Lewallen. the link is at the end of this blog article.

The only time the lack of voltage has a real effect is where the speed of a devices is linked to the voltage in a cheap design, without constant current circuitry in place, and thats usually linked to a specific manufacturers devices. But the Alkaline Battery manufactures are more than happy for you to by their use once batteries, again and again...

But you don't have to believe me read this great article, it describes things better than I can here. I will increase your worldly 'geek' knowledge and save you money down the line.

Please share this Blog entry with your friends and relatives so they too can make the right decision.

“1.5 Volt” vs. “1.2 Volt” Batteries by Roy Lewallen


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